DIY? – We Tell You What You DO NOT Want To Do!

Apr 4, 2018


More and more couples have a go at some form of DIY to save money or to plan their wedding… and it is an ideal way to add a ‘personalised’ touch to your Big Day, but Beware! There are some things that should be better left in the safe hands of The Professionals! Here’s our thoughts on what NOT to DIY…

Wedding Dress
Perhaps you made some outfits of your own before, but unless you are a professional, don’t try to design and endeavour to create your own wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses! This is a world of stress you can most certainly do without! This also applies to ‘tweaking’ or ‘upscaling’ a shop-bought dress with your own additions or amendments – realising you’ve ruined expensive fabric only weeks before the big event! Trust us: take it to a professional seamstress, or have it made by an expert. The last thing you want is to ruin your dream dress.

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CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_041Your hair
With hair tutorials galore on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, it’s become tempting for brides to try to recreate a certain look for their big day. Do not be fooled! Creating these hair styles can be tough and getting the look you thought you could achieve may not be as easy as you thought. Hiring a professional hairstylist will ensure your hair looks exactly how you want it, front, back, sides and top! Plus, hair and make-up artists spend time with you on the morning of your ceremony and are great for keeping everything calm (or fun!). Remember, during the ceremony you will have your back to your guests so looking amazing from behind is vital. This is one occasion you can’t afford a bad hair day.
The Food
foodWedding food is something we all expect to be as perfect as the rest of the occasion. Even though your family may make a mean roast, when it comes to feeding 50+ guests, the wedding food is best left to the professionals. Catering for such numbers requires experience, know-how, skills and most importantly equipment. Not only does it cost an absolute fortune to buy and prep ingredients for an entire wedding congregation, but you’ll also need an area that’s big enough to cook the food and store it – all just hours before the ceremony. The stress is just not worth it.

The photography
You’ve heard us say this before, but it is worth repeating! Although professional wedding photographers may come at a range of costs, a good one is absolutely worth their weight in gold. Even if you’re not a fan of having your photo taken, it’s worth remembering that your wedding photos are one of the few lasting mementos you’ll have from this day and it’s a beautiful reminder of both the wedding and the people who celebrated with you. Just hoping that you’ll have the photos you want from guests, or enlisting a cousin with a point-and-shoot, isn’t going to cut it. Nowadays, we all know someone with a ‘professional’ camera, a popular Instagram feed and an eye for detail, but when it comes to your big day remember you’re only going to have one chance to capture those special moments to cherish. Hiring a professional photographer, who understands lighting, timing, angles and most importantly weddings, will guarantee your photos flow with the emotions and moments you will treasure.

The videography
On a related note, getting a relative to hold a ‘GoPro’ throughout the ceremony isn’t going to give you the best wedding video in the world. If anything, you’ll end up with a shaky video at a less-than-complimentary angle, and your relative is going to end up with a dead arm. If you’re considering a DIY wedding video, then remember to consider some professional editing to give you the best wedding video possible at a lower price point.

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