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Oct 18, 2017

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As bridal hair and makeup specialists, Loredana and Lesley, put there heads together to organise a bridal shoot to inspire future brides. Their end goal was to create a soft, delicate and romantic look. We loved the outcome from this shoot with stunning images by Craig and Eva Sanders Photography, which brought out the best of all the suppliers involved. Loredana, of Cherry Cherry Hair by Loredana, tells us how this came about.

CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_044CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_036  “Often, we have the honour of seeing a lot of brides up until the final curtain call, before the wedding guests friends and family! So we get to hear all the plans etc on the lead up, often it is us who have the wonderful privilege of helping lace up or button up the bride or buckling up the shoes (so that the bridesmaids fake nails don’t ping off) you name it we do it. If needed, we are on hand for those little finishing touches as required.

Part of that privilege is we see the latest trends, our brides are always spot on with. And from these special moments when we get our own inspiration. More often than not, our brides enthusiasm wears off on us when they are planning their own weddings.

Both Leslie and I have been involved in various bridal shoots, with numerous suppliers & trying different bridal looks over the years, it’s the best part of the job, we love having the say as to how and what direction it will go. So with that said, we made plans to organise a different style bridal shoot. It’s much like organising a real wedding, just minus the guests!

On this occasion, one word just got the ball rolling… LUXURY… We really wanted to create something that showed off our work to the highest level. And so the preparation began. Our goal was to find local and trusted suppliers who work in or travel to Ayrshire regularly, with spectacular quality and exceptional 5* service.


Once, all our amazing vendors were on board a mood board was formed. We started putting the actual items from our trusted suppliers (i.e. The dress, flowers and pictures of the venue etc) on the board to build a visual, before the shoot date, so we could see it in our minds eye, even before we arrived on the day.

A High end vibe, was the root we took for this styled shoot, something that would grace any Pinterest wedding enthusiasts board. With DIY being very current at this time (which we still love btw) we just wanted to take a moment to try and capture something a little  indulgent for the type of bride who likes to feel like royalty, perhaps a little extra OVER indulgent, it was either all or nothing. So we just went all out. There was no limit!

The colour pallet started with muted peach and gold tones infused with a romantic and elegant edge and so the LUX shoot was born.”CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_037           image1 (1)

Lesley Neil Makeup Artist said: “I wanted to create a look which tied in with our tones and colour pallete. As well as showing of our models own beautiful features.

I used earthy tones with peaches and nudes. Soft romantic eyes and lips. I wanted to do a real skin focus. In order to do this, the skin had to be perfectly prepped. I swear by magic cream and wonder glow by Charlotte Tilbury. This gave me the perfect canvas to work on and gave us a long lasting base. Which as you can see, photographs perfectly.”

Cherry Cherry Hair by Loredana says: “The first thing I always take into account is the beautiful gown when styling the hair. Luckily, Emily from Unbridaled didn’t hold back and gave us a real show stopper of a bridal gown, with its 2 looks in 1 dress.  That meant 2 different silhouettes, so I didn’t want to take away from that. After seeing our mood board again, with the dress and neckline etc that helped me plan on a hair style, so I wanted to create something soft and beautiful but a little polished too. I knew Susan Dick was crafting a bespoke gold headpiece aka “The Claudia hair vine” and so I had to do it justice.

CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_041              CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_033              CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_100

I added in some subtle caramel toned clip-in highlighted hair extensions, for a sort of sun kissed glowy tone to the hair. My technique was just a simple good old fashioned, pin curl, as our model had gorgeous very dark hair, but I wanted to soften it up quickly! so, real human hair was a good quick fix alternative, that I had pre-planned in advance. The hair extensions were purchased from Sallys (a professional haircare supplier). The lighter tone in the hair complimented the earthy peach completion of the makeup.

After wanding each section and pin curling it, I let it set, then I unraveled it and brushed out the curls and I added some smoothing product to soften it. I finally backcombed the root area for a little extra added volume and sprayed in place with my, old faithful Bedhead masterpiece Hairspray. It was all about keeping everything naturally beautiful but with subtle enhancements.”

Our crew of suppliers who collaborated on this shoot, we could not have done it without them. They added so much detail and their own craft and skill set was totally on point.

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They took the brief and ran with it, truly experts in their own field. You really do get what you pay for. From stunning calligraphy to delicate paper-thin sugar flowers on the cakes you wouldn’t have even known it wasn’t a real flower. And with a choice of umbrella colours, to our stately car and floral centerpieces and the exquisite bouquets, this shoot has it all.  Every possible detail was meticulously planned.

CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_126             CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_107             CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_070

Eva (from Craig & Eva Sanders Photography), captured Sorn Castle so beautifully, she’s an imagery genius, you wouldn’t have noticed that it was an extremely windy/drizzly Scottish day that soon turned to a downpour, but we had the warm cosy comforts of the toasty crackling, castle fires.

CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_027             CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_047             CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_029

CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_031             CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_015       CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_118 CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_102 CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_057 CraigEvaSanders_SornCastle_050

Check out our super cool behind the scenes video by the talented Chris Kelly Films…. Video Link

The Team:

Models: Lauren W (bride) & Lauren (flowergirl)

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