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L Occasionwear

Tel: 01292 264412
Email: lisa-l-ayr@live.co.uk
Web: www.l-ayr.com

Postal Address:
5 Parkhouse Street


  • Weddings, Ladies Days, the Races, Cruises we have all you can possibly need!
  • Designer brands in stock for every event!
  • A return to glamour- we stock stylish gowns for every occasion!
  • Showstopping Prom Dresses
  • Mother of the bride specialist
  • Central location in Ayrshire

Looking for a Mother of Bride and Groom or Occasion dress in Scotland......look no further!

Whatever the occasion, going to the races, on a cruise, to a party or, of course, to a wedding, we have the perfect collection!

Dresses and coats, dresses and jackets and even dresses with sleeves! We know that many are looking for dresses that offer a degree of cover, sadly arms do appear to have a mind of their own, and, with this in mind, we try our absolute best to stock dresses that disguise the dreaded top of arm area!

We continually strive to find collections that are not widely stocked elsewhere in Scotland and, at present, our collection includes Maxim, Sonia Pena, Carla Ruiz and Vera Mont. Our summer 2013 Mother of Bride/Groom and Occasion collection will arrive from December and, in addition to those named above, we will also be adding Bernshaw - worn by many a celebrity - and StudiBaker, iconic Australian label to our collection.

As regards Mother of Bride and Groom Outfits specifically, we have an extensive and fabulous collection! However, we are careful in what we state a "Mother of Bride" outfit to be! We don't think mums have to adopt a certain "look" just because tradition or the latest glossy bridal mag suggests so!

In addition to our dresses and suits we stock an extensive collection of shoes and bags, in an array of colours and, to top it off - quite literally - our range of hats will finish your look!

Finally, as well as promising the most fabulous collections we promise that you will never be on the receiving end of a pushy sales assistant and that is guaranteed! We want you to enjoy looking for your special outfit in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. We are service led not commission led!

Add to that our L Exclusivity Policy- we keep a list of all items sold and promise to never, knowingly, sell duplicate items to the same event- you are assured of a special shopping experience when you visit L!

So, the invitation has arrived and your search for that special outfit has begun......

We look forward to welcoming you!

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